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UPDATE: An Open Letter to the Standards Council of Canada re: MS, OOXML vs ODF…

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See the original letter here.

Sent March 25, 2008:

Dear Mr. Hopkinson,

My most sincere thanks for your prompt reply, but more particularly for the stance you and your team have taken. I’ll be raising that fine Canadian beer now…

Best regards,

Martin Lynch

John Hopkinson wrote:

Dear Mr. Lynch,

Your message was passed to me to respond to. I am the Chair of the
Canadian JTC 1 Committee and Head of the Canadian Delegation to JTC 1.
As such I was HoD for the 29500 Ballot Resolution Meeting.

I am very well aware of the situation you describe and the pressures
that are being applied, having been subject to much of it myself.

I can tell you that Canada has maintained its No vote on this ballot. I
can not tell you the final outcome as the results are not yet in. I can
however, assure you that Canada has made sure that, whatever the result,
Canada will be int he best position that is possible having achieved as
much as we could at the BRM in the time available.

We appreciate you interest.

Best regards,

John Hopkinson

Written by westcoastsuccess

March 25, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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