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Is Lindsay Lohan Really a Successful Actress? We Look at the Numbers…

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No such thing as bad publicity?

Lindsay Lohan sure gets an awful lot of press, admittedly for all the wrong reasons. But does her fame have some basis in a successful acting career? Do the movies she appears in rake in fortunes at the box office? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

Ms. Lohan has appeared in eleven movies thus far, which together have grossed nearly $434 million in the US and over $678 million worldwide, for an average US gross of $39.41 million and an average wordwide gross of $61.67 millionยน. Pretty impressive.

However those number don’t tell the whole story. Ms. Lohan’s average gross per movie figures are propped up by just four movies, none of which was released in the past several years: The Parent Trap (1998; US gross: $66.31 million), Freaky Friday (2003; $110.23 million), Mean Girls (2004; $86.06 million) and Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005; $66.02 million). Take those four films out and look what happens: Lindsay Lohan’s average gross per movie drops dramatically – $14.99 million for her average US Gross and just $21.75 million for her worldwide average gross.

Lindsay Lohan - Career Grosses (US)

Here’s what’s even worse for Ms. Lohan: only a single movie of the past six she’s appeared in has grossed more than $20 million in the US market, and that lone film, A Prairie Home Companion, just barely passed $20 million, finishing at $20.34 million. Meanwhile Ms. Lohan’s salary per film has reportedly climbed to the $7.5 million level (or about a third of what a producer can expect theaters to gross).

Conclusion? Lindsay Lohan may get a ton of press coverage, but it’s hardly a function of her career successes. And contrary to the accepted wisdom, it seems not all publicity is good publicity.


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May 25, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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