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“NGR” Plate Rejected by White Woman…

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The offensive plate.

The offensive plate.

UPDATE: CNN video follows story – previous link to went dead…

It’s been a busy week in the world of license plate news. First, there was North Carolina, with their Lieutenant Governor’s odd proposal for christian license plates (see our story here). Then today, Headline News featured a report on a white woman who was offended by (and refused to accept) an Arkansas (where else?) license plate reading “018 NGR”. No, it wasn’t the “018” that offended her.

The state of Arkansas, in a predictable turn, pulled the entire series of “NGR” plates. The Headline News piece also featured commentary by a black man, who quite sensibly pointed out the letters were simply part of a license tag, devoid of any meaning: “She’s probably just taking it the wrong way.”

Ms. Kunce (we're not making that name up) speaks to Headline News about the horrors of the "NGR" tag.

Ms. Kunce (no, we didn't make that name up) speaks to Headline News about the horrors of the "018 NGR" tag.

In an effort to spare the good people of Arkansas any further such affronts to their collective sensibilities, we’re offering the following list of offensive license plates in order to allow the state to ban these immediately, before others suffer the indignities Ms. Kunce was forced to endure (and if you’re reading this, Ms. Kunce, please stop now and go here instead!):

ASS          BTC          CNT          DYK          EZY       FAT       GAY       HYM       IBP       JEW       KKK       LZY       MUF       NAP       ORG          PSY       QAK       RAT       SPC          TIT          UGO          VXN       WTF       XXX       YNO       ZIT

We wanted to suggest Ms. Kunce get a vanity plate reading, “Look at me – I’m so sensitive and understanding and evolved!” but we’re told that won’t fit on a plate of the standard-sized variety…


Written by westcoastsuccess

July 24, 2008 at 11:08 am

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