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Obama and Biden Voted Specifically in Favour of Bridge to Nowhere…

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In the duplicitous fashion which has become the hallmark of today’s politics, the Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States continue to mock their Republican Vice-Presidential nominee for her state’s infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”, despite both having voted specifically in favour of the bridge.Barack Obama, perhaps giving a shout-out to law firms with lobbying ties, among his biggest contributors?

Both had the opportunity to vote in favour of the bridge’s withdrawal from the massive transportation bill. Instead, Mr Obama and Mr Biden, together with 80 of their colleagues, voted not to eliminate funding for the bridge from the bill.

Meanwhile, CNN reports on Mr Biden’s own pet bridge project in his home state of Delaware: a $13 million earmark for “shoring up” a bridge which is not, it seems, in need of attention. This year alone Mr Biden has requested over one third of a billion dollars for 116 pork barrell projects in Delaware.

Mr Obama, for his part, requested three quarters of a billion in earmarks during his short time in the Senate. He decided to forego any further earmarks as of 2009.

Mr McCain has never requested an earmark for his home state of Arizona.


Written by westcoastsuccess

September 24, 2008 at 7:02 pm